After giving birth, there will be many changes in the body. Starting from the skin on the abdomen that sags, stretch marks appear, until weight gain. As a woman, it is very natural to want to have the same body condition as before pregnancy. The ancients had traditional postpartum treatment recipes that are still preserved today. What are the treatments?

Traditional Postpartum Care and Its Benefits

Traditional postpartum care is done using natural ingredients. This traditional treatment can begin immediately in the 40 -day puerperal phase. So, it is hoped that after childbirth you can have the same body shape and health condition as before giving birth.

Unfortunately, it turns out that not a few modern mothers who do not know the techniques of traditional postpartum care. In fact, with regular treatment will be very effective to restore the body shape as before having children. Then, what is traditional postpartum care like? Come on in, take a look at the comments below!

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Herbal Herbal Ingredients

traditional postpartum care

Herbs are known to be beneficial for the health of the body, including for postpartum mothers. As for herbal spices that are good to consume after giving birth are papaya leaf herbs, kencur rice, sour turmeric, and ginger potion with cinnamon. 

If you want a sweeter taste, you can add a little honey to the herbal concoction. If you can’t mix it yourself, this herbal spice is usually sold in traditional markets or herbal shops.

Maternity Package Herbs

traditional postpartum care

Maternity package herbs are specially formulated for women after giving birth to the baby. This herbal package should be consumed regularly in the puerperal phase for 40 days if you want to get the maximum results of traditional treatment. This herbal package consists of herbal pills, pilis, tapel, and parem. 

In this herbal package, there are usually two types of herbs, namely pills and powders that are effective in cleaning the dirty blood in the uterus after childbirth, speeding up wound healing, and speeding up the return of the uterus to its original size. This herb is not recommended for those of you who give birth by caesarean section or have liver disorders, yes!

In addition, there are pilis in the form of solid powder with kencur, ganthi, mint, kenanga, and turmeric. This pilis works to reduce dizziness, improve blood circulation in the head, to maintain eye health. Tapel is also a dry solid form consisting of kencur, fennel, rice flour, bangle, cinnamon, pulosari, and ginger club which serves to tighten the stomach. Meanwhile, parem helps to promote breast milk, eliminate cramps, and improve blood circulation.

Traditional Postpartum Massage

traditional postpartum care

The next treatment is to do a traditional massage after giving birth. This massage works to make the body more relaxed, reduce bruises, and improve blood circulation. By doing a traditional massage, the body will quickly return healthy and fit. This traditional massage can only be done by experts who are experienced, such as in a clinic or body treatment place with massage services after giving birth. So, make sure you don’t massage this carelessly or do it yourself, yes!

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Traditional Treatment Using Stagen

traditional postpartum care

The traditional stage is a long -sized cloth that is wrapped around the abdomen. Treatment using this stage aims to keep the abdomen comfortable, not sagging, and help shrink the abdomen quickly.

The use of stagen also helps to remove air in the abdominal cavity so that you do not feel bloated. However, for those of you who give birth by caesarean section, you need to be careful that its use does not injure the stitches. While using the stage you may feel restless and difficult to move, but guaranteed results will not be disappointing.

Here are some tips to keep the body slim after giving birth. It is a good idea to always consult a gynecologist before you do these traditional treatments.